1 Down, 39 to Go!

I. Am. Tired.

The students started this week, and what it week it was! I don’t understand why, but I was not ready. As a severe Type A personality, I do NOT prepare lesson plans the night before. Usually, I have the whole trimester mapped out by the first day, but this year, call me On the Fly Frieda. I have been falling DEAD asleep when I get home, and I don’t even have the energy to get up and tell Nick about my day. I mean…is it still supposed to be like this in year 12?

Image result for exhausted teacher meme

Part of me feels like the summer was too short. Well, I don’t feel like it was. I know it was. There is also just a lot going on. We had a big trauma at school – one of the upper school students collapsed during sports practice and is still in the hospital. Something weird is going on with my body, and I feel like I don’t have time for that right now. (Side note – I’ll take care of it – don’t worry). One of Nick’s best friends had a swimming accident, broke his neck, and is in pretty serious condition at the hospital. I cannot stop thinking about him. It is devastating for any family to go through that, let alone one I know. Also, I have a soft spot for this man – he kind of reminds me of my little brother, in both mannerisms and physical features.

Regardless of what is going on, life goes on. My classroom goes on. These students deserve the best me that I can be, so I am trying REALLY hard. Also, good things are happening. For the first time, no students had a meltdown during technology training. They were actually pretty skilled and well behaved, which is a good sign. One of my closest friends is also my colleague and team mate, and she is keeping me inspired to keep our Design Thinking kick going. This is my first year as team leader at this school, and my team is really awesome. They are really helpful and supportive, and I am grateful for them. I did prepare some Talking Points for class tomorrow, and I’m going to do it for the first time. I’m pretty excited about it.

The cutest little bundle of a sixth grader has already noticed that I have an awesome curl on one side of my head that wraps around my dangley earrings. I was touched that she noticed that so early, but not surprised. I watch them in everything they do for ten months…it’s only fair to assume that they do the same to me. We learn each other’s habits. We know everyone’s nuances and mannerisms, because that’s what family does. We know each other inside and out. My family just increased by 100. I can do this.



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